Jerry Curry for President 2008
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General_Curry_with_President_Reagan Jerry walking with President Reagan
Jerry_with_his_wife_Charlene Jerry with his wife, Charlene
Jerry_standing_near_his_helicopter_gunship Jerry standing near his helicopter
Jerry_with_Queen_Beatrix_and_her_husband_Klaus Jerry with Queen Beatrix and her husband, Klaus
Jerry_with_President_George_H_W_Bush Jerry in the Oval Office with President George  Bush, senior
The_Curry_Family The Curry Family
Jerry_with_Caspar_Weinberger_and_Clint_Eastwood Jerry with Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger and actor/director Clint Eastwood
Jerry_and_Charlene_with_President_Bush_Senior Jerry and Charlene with President George  Bush, senior
Jerry_picking_grapes_in_the_fields_of_Germany Jerry picking grapes in the fields of Germany
Jerry_with_Nancy_Reagan Jerry with First Lady, Nancy Reagan
Jerry_on_horseback Jerry on horseback
Jerry_with_President_Diouf_of_Senegal Jerry with President Diouf of Senegal
Major_General_Jerry_Ralph_Curry Major General Jerry Ralph Curry
Jerry_with_Kenneth_Kaunda_President_of_Zambia Jerry with Kenneth Kaunda, President of Zambia