Jerry Curry for President 2008
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Jerry R. Curry Believes We Should All Work to:

1.  Ensure the Safety of American Citizens as the Highest Priority

We must strengthen homeland security, renew our alliances with other nations, and jointly develop strategies to defeat terrorism. We must properly resource our military and increase its size. Concurrently our police, firefighters and all first responders must be properly trained and equipped to meet the safety needs of our citizens. Binding all this together should be strengthened lines of communications between federal, state and local governments. Then it will be possible to deal with any terrorist threats by ensuring that all emergency plans are effective, coordinated, and up-to-date. 

2.  Strengthen the American economy

If the government spends more money than it takes in in taxes, it is forced to borrow. What it borrows it must pay back with interest. If it can't pay its loans back on time, the government is forced to borrow more or it will default on its debts. It is a downward spiral that brings the whole economy down with it. That is why the budget must be balanced and we must work to get America out of debt. This includes keeping taxes, inflation and the size of government down and using middle class tax cuts to help restore the purchasing power of struggling American families.  

3.    Protect American Sovereignty

We should all uphold and enforce the immigration laws of our nation and not sell Americans out to globalistic philosophies and ideologies.

U.S. firms, both large and small, should be encouraged to support the American people and the American economy—to hire within this country and to produce within this country. We should also be alert to foreign investments in the U.S., especially in critical sectors such as infrastructure, banking, advanced technology and homeland security.

4.  Refrain from engaging in trade deals that harm Americans

American workers and their jobs are worth fighting for and protecting. ­­Our goal should be to produce more of what we consume, export more of what we produce, and create conditions that will encourage investment in producing more tradable goods and services.

We should address the trading world as it is, not as we wish it were or wish it to be twenty-five years from now.  Let us identify and address the huge gaps between commitments made by our trading partners and their de facto policies. And remember that endless trade negotiations will not solve our current account deficits, especially with Asia. We need solutions now to keep America's economy strong.

Where our trading partners are using currency manipulation to subsidize their manufactured goods, the U.S. should attach an "equalization fee" to their exports to help level the import-export playing field. And Congress should give our trade negotiators the diplomatic clout they require to force needed currency adjustments with trade surplus countries.

We must do whatever it takes to balance our trade and capital accounts. Our huge trade deficits are seriously damaging our economy and cannot be sustained indefinitely.

5.  Support and Uphold the United States Constitution       

Let us return to our nation's founding principles by appointing judges who will strictly interpret the U.S. Constitution and by educating our populace on the merits of the Constitution. We must work with Congress and with state and local governments to ensure that the nation is following constitutional principles.  

6.  Protect Against Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual property theft is a serious crime that undermines our industry and our national security and it should be treated as the serious crime that it is. Meaningful penalties must be established to prevent the theft of America's intellectual property.

7.  Enhance Provision of Health Care and Preventative Care

Our nation should support creative initiatives to ensure that all our citizens have access to the cost-effective health care and health insurance that they need. Let us encourage private sector initiatives for a health care plan that promotes cost-effective prevention and excellent medical care for all. Any such plan should place personal responsibility for the plan’s execution with the individual and the private sector. A key part of any such plan is preventive care and affordable prescriptions.

8.  Support Human Life at all Stages: from the Unborn to the Elderly

I believe we should all uphold the intrinsic value of human life.  This includes acknowledging and protecting the life of the unborn child, the life of the elderly and the most vulnerable among us, and the traditional institution of marriage and family in our society.

9.  Support Environmental Stewardship

We are answerable to future generations for our stewardship of the environment. We must ensure that we protect and preserve the environment, that we maximize alternative means of clean energy, and that we support the implementation of green technologies, sustainable development and the use of best practices in waste reduction and waste management.

10.  Ensure Energy independence

Energy independence can be attained and, at the same time, the environment protected. First, we must increase the availability of nuclear power. Next, we must maximize the use of clean coal processes to produce electricity and finally, we need to increase our domestic oil supply.

Exploration for new sources of oil and gas should be a priority in our efforts to make America energy independent. This includes exploration of the portion of the ANWR lands in the Arctic where we know there to be a significant supply.

As in the case in Japan and France, nuclear energy should be a major supplier of electricity. The safety and security of each facility, of course, should be paramount. And other forms of alternative energy must be encouraged such as converting ocean wave action into energy and using aluminum oxide fuel cells to power motor vehicles.

11.  Restore this Nation to a Place of Prominence and Prosperity

It is important for our country to strengthen our educational programs at all levels from elementary through higher education and to encourage a renaissance in American literature, music, art, history, science, and mathematics. And we must provide young American entrepreneurs with the resources they need to be successful.

We must nurture the critical thinking skills of our citizens and strengthen the teaching of ethics and moral development at all levels of education. All of our institutions should reflect the importance of our democratic values.


"I opened this website because I felt that the voices and opinions of many Americans, who thought like me, were not being adequately represented.  They are true conservatives whose background, experience and stand on the issues they deeply care about cause them to be deeply involved in solving the problems facing our nation.  They believe it is incumbent upon all of us to join together inn securing our borders, preserving our liberties and protecting our country from the uncommon dangers we face."

"War is violence, killing, death and destruction.  It should be resorted to as a very... very... last resort, when all else has failed.  The United States should never embark on a war unless it is willing to win it in as short a time as possible."

By Jerry R.Curry