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LA Times 8/5/08 " U.S. operatives secretly transported Iraqi uranium to Canada for examination during a two-week airlift from Baghdad that featured a ship voyage crossing two oceans. He said of Bush:"
One News Now 8/5/08 "Curry says the president kept mum about the discovery in order to keep terrorists in the dark. "He made a very brave stand, a resolute stand... "
Conservative Pulse "A new candidate has decided to make a late entry into the race for the Republican nomination."
CBS News 1/26/08 "Curry said he chose to enter the race late because there was not another candidate he could have fully supported who would fix the problems America faces."
Statesman 1/25/08 "...a reporter wondered what he would do about the nagging problem of Iran."
Norman Trans. 1/25/08 "Curry did something few other national candidates have attempted.  He sang."
Norman Trans 1/25/08 'Democrats are misleading voters about the state's revenue picture."
KOCO News 1/25/08 "I've been waiting for a candidate to step up that I could say, 'That's my guy. I'm going to support that one.' I haven't found that person yet," he said."
KWTV News9 1/24/08 "It's never too late to do what's right and I think getting into this race today is what's right."
Red Dirt Report 1/24/08 "Hillary has forfeited her ability to be Commander in Chief."
Tulsa Today 1/21/08 "He exudes integrity and sincerity, regardless of one's views about all his positions."
Town Hall 1/19/08 "I fear our intraparty fury will destroy all leaders and send us off to a brokered convention."
FRC Action 1/16/08 "The lesson that some are drawing from the results of the Republican presidential voting to date is that the race for the party's nomination is wide open."
Norman Trans. 1/9/08 "I've been told now that it's too late (to run) ..." he said. "What I say is yes, it's all true, except this: when we get to the finish line, let's see who the last man standing is, and I have a feeling it's going to be me."
Eagle Forum 12/26/07 "The most fascinating horse-race metaphor that may emerge in this campaign is the "dark horse."
Town Hall 10/30/07 "True conservatives do exist in our country."
G. Archibald 8/23/07 "Curry is a man of faith, an unabashed conservative, who openly states his Reaganite positions with eloquence and force." "At age eighteen, she married Jerry Curry, a young man she'd loved since they first met eight years before."
N.Y. Times 11/28/89 "Jerry R. Curry took office today as Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the nation's top highway safety official."



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