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It's the President's job

It’s the President’s job to protect America from dangers foreign and domestic. The greatest danger we face is a failing economy and disintegration of our banking industry and financial markets.  The crisis is too great for the
President to waste time chasing down rabbit trails like “global warming.” He should focus the Nation’s attention and efforts on
the economy, banking and financial markets with steeled determination.  Now is the time to sweep all
other issues and agendas off the public’s table and to FOCUS – FOCUS – FOCUS.  Looking out for the future of American workers and their families, our corporations, stock holders and sub-industries must be an all consuming fire.

~ Jerry ~


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Jerry Curry with President Reagan

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"Retired U.S. Army General Jerry R. Curry is a strong leader who has honed his leadership skills on the battlefield and in the federal government."                     

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Jerry was born into humble beginnings--the son of a steel worker--and like most Americans has worked hard to better himself. He recognizes that only through the unique opportunities offered by this nation was he able to succeed.

He enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Private during the Korean War and rose to the rank of a two star Major General—an uncommon achievement and a near impossibility for a soldier of mixed European, African and Native American ancestry.

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...General Curry's extraordinary life story as he rises from private to general; from Korea to Vietnam to Europe and on to serving three Presidents.
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By Jerry R. Curry